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Whimsical Wildlife Enamel Pins

A floral manatee enamel pin from Evy Benita's "Sidekicks of the Earth" enamel pin universe. The manatee has a cartoon kawaii aesthetic and is swimming downwards.

Sidekick Pins

A mini strawberry pin badge from Evy Benita's miniature enamel pin collection.

Mini Pins

Beautiful sea gull translucent pins by Evy Benita.

Seaglass Pins

Text reads: "Join my rather fancy Newtsletter for Freebie Fridays and WIP Wednesdays!" The word "Newtsletter" is a wildlife pun, referring to a newsletter that celebrates newt enamel pins (like axolotls). You can subscribe to this newsletter for free to receive email updates about whimsical wildlife enamel pins from Evy Benita.
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Cute floral axolotl wildlife enamel pins by Evy Benita

Axolotl Pins

A sleepy toad enamel pin from Evy Benita's freshwater wildlife design collection, River. The toad is drawn in a stylized cartoon aesthetic. Its body is decorated with floral elements. The toad sits on top of a lily pad, and a waterlily rests behind it. This toad enamel pin is made with hard enamel and gold plating.

Frog Pins

Cute otter enamel pins from Evy Benita

Otter Pins

Cute shark enamel pins from Evy Benita

Shark Pins

Cute snake enamel pins from Evy Benita

Reptile Pins

Cute Nudibranch enamel pins from Evy Benita

Sea Slug Pins