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Grow as
Grow asYou Go
3 for 2
3 for 2Stickers
4 for 3
4 for 3Wooden Pins
Limited Edition
Limited EditionMermaid Pins
4 for 3
4 for 3Washi Tapes

Unique Enamel Pins

featuring cuteness and wildlife

  • Rose Gold Harlequin Shrimp Hard Enamel Pin

  • Spotted Eagle Ray Enamel Pin • Sidekicks Club #048

  • Rainbow Jorunna Nudibranch Sea Slug Enamel Pin

  • Starfish & Coral Miniature Enamel Pin (Set of 2)


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Evy Benita's Lotl Enamel Pin Club

Lotl Pin Club

Receive a cute Limited Edition Lotl pin in the mail each month <3

  • New design every month
  • Free sticker
  • Shipping included
  • Lotl Pin Club (Standard Shipping)

    £12.50 / month
  • Lotl Pin Club (Standard Shipping) – 1 Year

  • Lotl Pin Club (Tracked Shipping)

    £18.00 / month
  • Lotl Pin Club (UK Only Shipping)

    £10.00 / month
Lotl Box: a kawaii subscription box. February's theme: Grow as you go. Feb's box includes a pin banner, a phone grip, an enamel pin, a washi tape roll, and more.
Evy Benita's Lotl Box (title)

Lotl Box

Get your Limited Edition Lotl pin, plus a bundle of 1st Edition Lotl merchandise! Each box has a total retail value of £40+.

  • New theme every month
  • Ships monthly 5th-8th
  • Shipping included
  • Lotl Box (Standard Shipping)

    £30.00 / month
  • Lotl Box (Standard Shipping) – 1 Year

  • Lotl Box (Tracked Shipping)

    £37.00 / month
  • Lotl Box (UK Only)

    £25.00 / month

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