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Tattoo Ticket


Want to get my work tattooed? This is an optional “artist tip” listing. If you’d like to tip more, just add multiples of the same listing. Thank you! <3

Includes a printable “Tattoo Ticket” which conveniently doubles as a cute wallpaper.

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Getting my work tattooed? Want to leave me a tip? You’ve come to the right place! 💚🌱

What is a Tattoo Ticket?

A Tattoo Ticket is sort of like a tip jar. It gives you the right to have an artist’ work tattooed on you. Some artists require this, while others have it as an optional thing. I prefer to keep it optional, but any tips and support are massively appreciated <3

Tattoo Ticket Terms and Conditions

I’d like to think I’m pretty easy going with things like these. Long story short: your body, your choice. If you’re getting my art tattooed, you’re more than welcome to:

  • Change the artwork in any way you’d like (color/shape/expressions/etc…)
  • Combine different drawings together
  • Use my artwork as a base for a new design (as long as it’s for non-commercial use, like a tattoo)
  • Change the species/gender(s)/etc to fit your identity and persona

If something’s unclear, feel free to ask me. The fastest way to reach me is through Instagram.

What’s included?

  • The right to have my art tattooed on you
  • A downloadable “Tattoo Ticket” image

What’s NOT included?

  • Artwork files (but feel free to ask upfront if there’s something you need!)
  • A new commission
  • Services
  • Commercial rights
  • Distribution rights
  • Any physical product(s)
Thank you ~

Thank you for checking out this Tattoo Ticket. I love tattoo art, and knowing that someone likes my work so much that they want to get it permanently embellished to their body… I don’t think I have words to describe how happy that makes me. And happy vibes are priceless.

However, I’ve had lots of requests to add a Tattoo Ticket to my shop, and I fully relate to the desire of wanting to give the original creator a tip.

As a result, I’ve created this optional Tattoo Ticket. If you’d like to give me a tip, this is the place to do it 💚🌱

All Tattoo Tickets purchased are incredibly appreciated (like, honestly, I don’t really have words for how much it means to me). Thank you for reading, and stay fintastic 💚🌱🦀💚🐠🌱


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