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Let me know what you want to see from me in the future! If your suggestion gets used, I’ll send you a thank-you coupon when the item goes live. Yay!

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What's in the works?

Explore what’s happening behind the scenes:

Enamel pins on polaroid-inspired backing cards

Out with the old, in with the new: Sprucing up my small business packaging

Last week I was down to my last lot of backing cards. Oh no! But also hurray! I’ve had a…

Happy drop day Thursday! Today, I present you with new nudibranch stickers, enamel pins, fridge magnets, and plushies!

What’s New? • Drop Day Thursday Number One!

Theme of the week: Nudibranchs! It’s time for my very first Drop Day Thursday! This week, we’re celebrating nudibranchs: the…

Cute sea bunny enamel pins by Evy Benita. The sea bunnies, or Nudibranchs, are drawn in a kawaii cartoon art style. Super cute!

Sneak-Peek: Jorunna Parva Sea Bunnies

Get ready to build your nudibranch empire It’s time for the first product teaser leading up to Thursday Drop Day!…

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