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Buy me a Coffee ☕🌱


My closest coffee shop is Costa, and that’s where lots of my designs come to life. This listing covers my go-to drink: a medium black Americano 🖤

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Enjoy my work? Want to buy me a coffee? You’ve come to the right place! 💚🌱

What is this?

It’s basically a tip jar, but specifically for coffee! Added by popular demand. I often get requests from people who don’t necessarily want to buy anything, but want to support my work with a small donation. So I set up this listing to make that possible 💚

Want a shoutout?

Let me know if you want a personal shoutout on social media! At checkout, simply leave your social media handle and what platform(s) you use. And I will give you a thank-you shoutout when I buy my coffee 💚💚💚

Gift Cards

My closest coffee shop is Costa Coffee, and that’s where a lot of my new designs are created. If you’d like to send me a coffee gift card, use this link and my email: info@evybenita.com.

Again: any tip or donation is warmly welcome and appreciated, so please don’t feel pressured to spend more than you can. I appreciate you always, and regardless of whether or not you can leave a tip 💚🌱

Thank you ~

All tips are incredibly appreciated, and they help support both me and my work. Thank you for reading, and stay fintastic 💚🌱🦀💚🐠🌱


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