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1. Order Processing Times

It takes me 1-5 days to process an order. I will normally pack it on the same day and ship it on my next dispatch day.

My dispatch days are Mondays and Thursdays. Having designated dispatch days allows me to dedicate more time to packing orders, which speeds up your order processing time.

During major shop updates or sales, my processing time can extend. If I expect this to be the case, it will be clearly stated on my shop’s homepage.

2. Estimated Delivery Times

My shipping estimates take potential COVID-19 delays into consideration, so they’re a bit longer than normal. Further delays can still occur, of course, but it’s not as likely.

  • 1-3 working days (normally just 1)
USA & Canada:
  • Tracked packages 1-2 weeks
  • Untracked packages 2-6 weeks (3 on average)
  • Tracked packages 1-2 weeks (5 days on average)
  • Untracked packages 1-6 weeks (3 on average)

Delivery times to EU and EEA countries vary drastically. While most packages to i.e. France, Sweden, Germany and Norway seem to arrive within 3-7 days, packages to Spain and Italy can be stuck in customs queues for several weeks. I don’t have stats on every country, but if you need your order by a specific date, I highly recommend you upgrade to tracked shipping.

Australia, New Zealand and Singapore:
  • Tracked packages 1-2 weeks
  • Untracked packages 2-6 weeks (3 on average)
Everywhere else:
  • Tracked packages 1-2 weeks
  • Untracked packages 2-6 weeks (4 on average)

All orders are sent via Royal Mail. If your order exceeds 2kg (i.e. 75+ pins), I might send it via UPS instead.

Your estimated delivery times apply from the day your order is dispatched (not placed).

3. Order Cancellations

Digital goods and services:

Orders of digital goods and/or services cannot be cancelled nor refunded. The rules below apply to physical goods only. Online payment is a digital service, and as a result of this, I can’t offer refunds for payment processing fees (these are charged by the payment portals).

Customised items:

Customised items can be cancelled for up to 14 days after the order has been placed, as long as:

  1. The production process has not started
  2. The materials for your custom item have not already been purchased.

I reserve the right to evaluate cancellations of customised items on a case by case basis.

Other physical goods:

The majority of products in my store fall into this category.

> Packaging Fee:

If materials have already been spent to pack your order, and these cannot be reused, I will ask you to cover a £1.50 Packaging Fee. I can’t force you to cover this, but since it would otherwise lead me to a loss, I will ask you if you’re willing to.

> For orders of £42 (GBP) or less:

You can cancel an order for up to two hours after placing it. If you cancel within two hours, I can issue you a full refund minus payment processing fees. Your cancellation request is valid from the time you send it in.

If you go over the two hour mark, feel free to still message me to check. If I haven’t started work on your order yet, I’m usually happy to cancel it for you.

> For orders above £42 (GBP):

You have the right to cancel from 14 days of your order being delivered. You do not have to provide a reason. The refund I can offer depends on the status of your order:

  • If your order has not been packed nor shipped, I can issue you a refund minus your payment processing fees.
  • If your order has been packed but not shipped, I can issue you a refund minus payment processing fees and the Packaging Fee.
  • If your order has already been shipped, I can issue you a refund minus shipping costs and the Packaging Fee. To get your refund, you must let me know within 14 days of receiving them that you wish to return them. You must then send them back to me within 14 days of letting me know. You are fully responsible to cover all return shipping costs and packaging costs. Once I receive your returned items, I will issue your refund within 14 days. If I do not receive the items, I cannot refund them.

If I cancel your order due to other reasons (i.e. products out of stock), I will cover all fees and you will receive a 100% full refund.

To request a cancellation, please contact me.

4. Returns and exchanges

The following items cannot be returned:
  • Customised products (unless faulty and not advertised as faulty)
  • Faulty products (i.e. B-Grades, C-Grades, “Oopsie” products)
  • Digital products and/or services
  • Magazines (unless faulty and not advertised as faulty)
For all other items, the following terms and conditions apply:

I will happily accept returns, but you are responsible to cover all return shipping costs and return packaging costs yourself. Each returned item must arrive in its original packaging and unopened. I only accept returns from the person who originally purchased the item.

To return an item, you need to let me know within 14 days of receiving your items. You can then send them back to me within 14 days of letting me know you wish to return them. Once I receive the returned items and they’re fully intact, I will issue your refund within 14 days.

If the items are in poor condition, i.e. damaged, stained, chewed on, or smelly (i.e. smelling of cigarettes), I will not issue you a refund, and you will need to cover the shipping costs again if you want them sent back to you.

I can only refund your items once they reach me, so I highly recommend you send them with tracked shipping.

I do not offer product exchanges.

5. Address change

If you need to change your delivery address, please contact me ASAP.

I can only change your delivery address if:

  1. Your shipping label has not yet been printed
  2. Your order has not been shipped

Once the label has been printed and the automatic shipping confirmation email has been sent to you, I cannot change your delivery address.

6. Orders returned to sender

If an order is returned to me due to a failed delivery, you have two options:

  • Have the box sent back to you (you will have to cover the full shipping fee applicable at the time of this new dispatch)
  • Have the order refunded to you minus payment processing fees.

Please note: I can only offer these options if I receive your box in return.

7. Combined shipping

I generally offer combined shipping with every project I run. Less packaging, less waste, woohoo!

If you want to combine orders, please let me know before you place your orders. I can give you a free combined shipping code so that you can bypass the shipping fee.

Member of my pin clubs have access to free combined shipping throughout their membership. I frequently give Kickstarter and pre-order backers the same option.

8. Damaged or incorrect items

Oh no!

I pride myself on high quality standards, so if you’ve received an item that you feel isn’t quite up to scratch, please feel free to contact me about it.

Missing items

If an item is missing from your order, I will send it to you separately and (of course) free of charge.

Extra items

If you’ve received additional items that you didn’t order, these are most commonly gifts that have snuck into your box. Feel free to reach out about them, but don’t feel like you have t.

Damaged items

If your item is damaged, I’m 100% happy to assist! To speed up the process, please send me the following:

  1. At least one photo of each damaged item.
  2. A photo of the exterior mailer packaging
  3. A photo of the interior mailer packaging

Make sure your photos clearly showcase what you want to show me. Feel free to draw circles or arrows to indicate. If I can’t tell the damage from the photos, I will ask for new ones.

Send your photos to info@evybenita.com and include:

  • Your name, order number or email used when placing your order
  • A quick description of the issue

If I can tell the issue has been caused by the postal system, I will submit an insurance claim and offer you replacements. If it’s an easily fixable issue (i.e. bent pin backs) I may offer you instructions on how to fix it yourself, but you will still be entitled to replacements should you want them

9. Stuck in transit

Extended transit times are to be expected these days, and each country/state has its own timeframe.

If your box is stuck in transit for over a week, I recommend you call Customs and Clearance in your country. Provide them with your tracking number, and they should be able to tell you whether your box is simply delayed, or if it’s stuck due to other reasons.

If you don’t have a tracking number and your box takes longer than your estimated delivery time (see point 2. above), please reach out to me.

If you live in the UK and do not receive your order within a week of dispatch, please reach out to me.

10. Not delivered

If your tracking number states that your box has been delivered, but it hasn’t, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Call your local post office and check if there’s been a mix-up
  2. Wait 1-2 days (sometimes packages are labeled prematurely)
  3. Check with your neighbours to see if it’s been accidentally delivered to them
  4. If you have security cameras on your property, check these

If non of these work, we will need to file a missing package claim with Royal Mail. Please contact me if you wish to do this (it’s a bit of a joint effort).

Royal Mail takes absolute ages to compensate a claim, so what I tend to do is evaluate missing packages on a case by case basis. If I think it’s likely they will reimburse your missing package, I will send you replacements early instead of making you wait. But if the case isn’t clear, I may ask you to wait for the outcome of their investigation.

11. Customs, clearance and import fees

Some countries charge you sales tax and duty when you import items from abroad. Some countries also add a “handling” fee to this sum, along with other fees. These fees are your responsibility to pay. They’re not included in your shipping costs.

My store does not charge these fees upfront.

You can read more about import fees that apply to you on your local customs website (or alternatively, call them).

12. Forgot to apply discount code

If the discount was valid at the time you placed your order, simply pop me a message and I will refund you the difference 🙂


This one feels a bit silly, because you’re all so frickin’ nice and lovely!

But as a precaution, I need to include it:

I reserve the right to refuse service to any customer who exhibits harmful, rude, or manipulative behaviour over e-mail, messaging, or otherwise. In this event, any outstanding orders associated with this customer will be cancelled and the customer will be banned from purchasing from my store again.

I reserve the right to refuse a customer service if I believe they’re taking excessive advantage of my lenient cancellation policy (i.e. placing multiple orders and cancelling shortly after, repeatedly). When you cancel an order, it costs me both time and money to process this request. Therefore, if a customer does this frequently, I reserve the right to ban them from the store.

Please never hesitate to contact me if you have questions, requests or suggestions. I’m an easy-going person and always happy to chat 🙂