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What’s New? • Drop Day Thursday Number One!

Happy drop day Thursday! Today, I present you with new nudibranch stickers, enamel pins, fridge magnets, and plushies!

Theme of the week: Nudibranchs!

It’s time for my very first Drop Day Thursday! This week, we’re celebrating nudibranchs: the adorable sea slugs who inhabit the seabed. 

What's new?

In this update I’m introducing new sea bunny enamel pins, holographic stickers, fridge magnets, and a smol round of handmade sea bunny plushies.

Free stickers

All orders placed between now (14/07/22) and Saturday (16/07/22) will receive a free holographic Chromodoris Dianae Noodibun sticker. No code required, I’ll simply pop them into every box.

Happy Drop Day!

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