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Welcome to Sidekicks Club!

Sidekicks Club is a monthly enamel pin series which builds on my Sidekicks of the Earth universe. Each pin released in the series comes with a free species card to collect, allowing you to build a whole deck of cute animals.

I make these pins available on multiple platforms so that you can choose the one that’s most convenient for you. Scroll down to learn how to never miss a new Sidekicks release!

Sidekicks Club: an enamel pin series that features a diversity of animal wildlife

May 2021’s Sidekicks Club set features four kawaii pins of African Chameleon species!

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There are four ways to pick up my monthly releases of Sidekicks Club pins:

  1. Join my enamel pin club here at
  2. Join my pin club over at Patreon (same thing, just a different platform)
  3. Pick them up through Kickstarter
  4. Place a pre-order

Join Pin Club (

To join my enamel pin club here on my website, simply choose one of the reward tiers below, or visit my official Memberships page to learn more.

One Enamel Pin
12.00 per month
  • Monthly Goodies:
    1 Enamel Pin
    1 Collectible Trading Card
    15% Store discount
    Free Shipping

Two Enamel Pins
21.00 per month
  • Monthly Goodies:
    2 Enamel Pins
    2 Collectible Trading Cards
    15% Store discount
    Free Shipping

Three Enamel Pins
28.00 per month
  • Monthly Goodies:
    3 Enamel Pins
    3 Collectible Trading Cards
    15% Store discount
    Free Shipping

Four Enamel Pins
36.00 per month
  • Monthly Goodies:
    4 Enamel Pins
    4 Collectible Trading Cards
    15% Store discount
    Free Shipping

Join Pin Club (Patreon)

My enamel pin club is also available through Patreon: a platform where you can support your favorite creators online. You can check out my Patreon Pin Club tiers here.


If you prefer to not subscribe to a monthly plan, you can also pre-order my Sidekicks Club pins. I release each month’s designs into their designated shop section: Sidekicks Club Pre-Orders. This section is also available under Shop > Pre-Order from the main menu.

If you’re a Pin Club member of mine (regardless of platform), you also get access to a £1 discount and combined pin club shipping.

Pledge Through Kickstarter

If you’re a regular Kickstarter backer, you might find it more convenient to pick up your sidekicks through my monthly pin campaigns. You can follow my Kickstarter creator profile here. Once you’ve followed me, you’ll get notified whenever I launch a new project 🙂

Thank you so much for checking out Sidekicks Club! If you have any questions at all, feel free to pop me a message on Instagram <3 Hugs, – Evy.

May 2021 Enamel Pin Club Theme: African Chameleons! The image shows four chibi-style chameleon enamel pin designs.