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Tutorial: DIY Display Banner for Woodland-Themed Enamel Pins

Interested in making your own enamel pin display banner? Check out my very first pin display tutorial!

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Enamel pins with dangle tails: Once Upon a Woodland

I recently ran a Kickstarter for my Once Upon a Woodland collection of dangle pins. We got the entire ten-piece collection funded, which felt completely unbelievable at the time, and I’m over the moon with excitement and gratitude to everyone who chose to help me make this happen.

Showing all ten animal designs of the collection: a red fox, a bear, a badger, an owl, a koala, a red panda, a raccoon, an otter, a hare or rabbit, and a wolf. All ten pins have a separate enamel tail dangling from the bottom of their bodies.
Once Upon a Woodland: a collection of dangle pins by EvyB

Once Upon a Woodland consists of ten enamel pins, all in hard enamel and available in both black nickel plating and gold style plating:

  • #01 – The Red Fox
  • #02 – The Bear
  • #03 – The Badger
  • #04 – The Owl
  • #05 – The Red Panda
  • #06 – The Hare
  • #07 – The Otter
  • #08 – The Koala
  • #09 – The Raccoon
  • #10 – The Wolf

A Woodland-inspired pin display banner

In preparation of our new dangle pins arriving, I thought it would be fun to make a display banner that matches the style of the pins! For round one I decided to go with felt fabrics, mainly because they’re easy to get hold of and quite affordable. And they look and feel fluffy, which I think matches the tails of our woodland pins! 🙂

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