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Kawaii axolotls on gaming adventures

The Lotls® is my own series of axolotl characters! They have their own Lotl shop and game dev Patreon, but I thought they should have a little page of their own here at EvyB too <3

Moving forwards, The Lotls will focus on kawaii gaming and collectibles. Expect plushies, trading cards, console accessories, – and of course: lots of new stickers and pins!

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By purchasing a The Lotls product, you help our small indie game studio continue to make games and cute things <3

The Lotls Blog

Below you’ll find updates and sneak-peeks on all things The Lotls! Discover even more at the Lotl Blog on Lotl.io, or follow our The Lotls YouTube channel.

The Lotls Pin Club Reveal: Rainy Days | November 2022

Rainy Days For November’s Lotl pin club rewards, Lottie takes us on a stroll through puddles and clouds. Lottie’s enamel…

New The Lotls Design Reveal! • August 2022

Strawberry Jam August’s Lotl pin club rewards feature Lottie the Lotl in a jar of Strawberry jam: her favorite! Lottie’s…

A cute enamel pin illustrated in a "kawaii" cartoon aesthetic. The pin shows Luna the Lotl, my melanoid axolotl character, Luna the Lotl, sitting on a Moon. Luna is looking excitedly up at the sky. The crescent moon she sits on is extra chunky, and is asleep. It is decorated with floral details. Three little cosmic clouds decorate the moon. The clouds have tiny shimmer symbols in them. The clouds and Luna's antennas are filled with iridescent glitter.

New The Lotls Design Reveal! • July 2022

To the Moon! In July’s pin club theme, Luna the Lotl takes us to the moon! Luna’s enamel pin is…

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Do you have fun ideas for The Lotls products? Or any characters you’d like to see more of? Let me know below, and you might just see it become reality!

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I run The Lotls together with my partner, Alan. Thanks to YOUR support, we’ve been able to trademark The Lotls, which is a massive thing for a small business to accomplish. So thank you a’lotl!

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