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The Lotls ā€¢ February 2022

The Lotls: a UK kawaii subscription box full of axolotls! Created by Evy Benita.

My name is Evy, and I’m the creator of The Lotls: kawaii axolotls with a’lotl adventures ahead! February’s collection is covered in lush plants and greenery. The theme is “Grow as you go”, and the collection is centred around personal growth at your own pace.

Please note: if you’re a Lotl Box subscriber, you’re already getting one of each item in your monthly box šŸ™‚ <3


The following Lotl Box items are available to pre-order throughout January:


Want to receive a cute Lotl Box every month?

  • Lotl Box (UK Only)

    $35.00 / month
  • Lotl Box (Standard Shipping)

    $40.00 / month
  • Lotl Box (Tracked Shipping)

    $49.00 / month
  • Lotl Box (Standard Shipping) – 1 Year


Just want the pins? No problem! ^^

  • Lotl Pin Club (UK Only Shipping)

    $14.00 / month
  • Lotl Pin Club (Standard Shipping)

    $17.00 / month
  • Lotl Pin Club (Tracked Shipping)

    $25.00 / month
  • Lotl Pin Club (Standard Shipping) – 1 Year


Everyone who pre-orders from February’s Lotl collection will receive a free Leo Sprout sticker! This sticker is also free for all subscribers of my Lotl Pin Club and Lotl Box. Thank you for your support!

Subscribers of Lotl Pin Club or Lotl Box also get a fun printable bundle: a fruit and veg habit tracker, and a digital copy of the Grow as You Go coloring book.

Side note: some graphics have the word “habit” spelled with two Bs. This has been corrected in the file you’ll receive ^^


February’s Lotl pin is a BIG collectible special release!

Hard Enamel / 2.5″ / Black Nickel Plating

Leo the Lotl enamel pin: 2.5" tall, black nickel plating, hard enamel, and limited to 150.

A lush pin banner to display your Lotl collection on! Or plant pins, or anything you see fit! I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

19cm wide / Material TBC / Leaves minimal trace of pin holes

Join The Lotls on a tranquil coloring adventure with their latest coloring book <3

10 unique designs / Blank pages on reverse side / 120gsm paper / A5 size

This lush washi tape lets you travel with Leo through his plant observatory!

One Roll / Paper Packaging / 10m x 15mm

A joyful acrylic phone grip featuring Leo the Lotl!

Approx. 45mm tall / Acrylic / 3mm Adhesive Attachment

How it works

“Pre-order” items refer to items that have not yet been made, or that are currently in production. In my shop, pre-orders are heavily reduced in price as a thank-you for helping me cover the costs of the collection <3

Your order will ship once everything in it is ready. If you’re ordering a mix of in-stock items and pre-order items, please keep this in mind. Alternatively, if you want them shipped separately, you can simply place two separate orders: one for in-stock items and one for pre-order items šŸ™‚

  • Feb 5th: pre-orders and subscription sign-ups end.
  • Feb 12th: all boxes ship.

Because I’m shipping these on a Saturday, it’s possible that you won’t receive your tracking number (if you add this at checkout) until the following Monday.


Got suggestions for future Lotl Box themes or products? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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