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Sprucing Up My 20 Fantasy Mermaid Enamel Pins with New Photos!

Yellow Hawksbill Sea Turtle Mermaid Species Enamel Pin by Evy Benita - Mermaids of the Earth Collection

This week, I decided to re-photograph my collection of fantasy mermaid enamel pins. It took some time, but I did find an aesthetic I liked in the end!

Limited Edition Rosy Narwhal Mermaid Enamel Pin Doll by Evy Benita

How it all Started

In 2019, I launched my Mermaids of the Earth design project on Kickstarter. Mermaids of the Earth is my original character universe of mermaid species, and my Kickstarter goal was to make five of my characters into enamel pins.

In the end, 585 magical Kickstarter backers joined me on my mission, and we absolutely smashed our target!

"Mermaids of the Earth" by Evy Benita: a collection of fantasy mermaid enamel pins

21 Mermaid Pins Funded!

We raised funding for all 21 of my fantasy mermaid enamel pins, as well as for 30+ miniature sea creature pins! I designed the smaller pins to match the mermaids, and therefore named them “Sidekicks”.

The project saw its fair share of production delays, but by the end of 2019, our mermaid pins finally shipped out to the people who made them possible.

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Lately I’ve been finding myself rather bored with my Mermaids of the Earth product photos. They’re dull to look at, so last week, I made the decision to re-photograph the entire collection.

Deep-Sea Anglerfish Enamel Pin (Before):

Deep-sea anglerfish fantasy mermaid enamel pins by Evy Benita

And After!

A dangle-tail enamel pin featuring Evy Benita's "Deep-Sea Anglerfish Mermaid" species from the Mermaids of the Earth Universe
Deep-Sea Anglerfish Enamel Pin Doll

Random household items make excellent photography props! Countless hours of camera exploration taught me to never underestimate the knick-knacks in my flat. Remember: treasure lies everywhere.

At last, I am absolutely thrilled to present new and rejuvenating series of enamel pin product photos. These photos present the vibrancy and personality of each individual mermaid character, and I am proud to have them displayed on my site.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Mermaid

Introducing images of my Hawksbill Sea Turtle doll! This fantasy mermaid enamel pin certainly deserves her time in the spotlight, especially considering the washed-out depiction I gave her last year. She is one of my favorite characters from my Mermaids of the Earth universe and I am excited to see her thrive.

Yellow Hawksbill Sea Turtle Mermaid Species Enamel Pin by Evy Benita - Mermaids of the Earth Collection

I’m quite pleased with these new product photos. They’re vibrant, and they show off the enamel colors very well. Not only do they capture vibrant colors nicely, but also the plating! The metal plating in the new photos presents as shiny, which in my previous photos, it fails to do.

Capturing Rainbow Metal in Enamel Pins

Photographing enamel pins is difficult enough in the first place, but rainbow metal plating takes this to a whole new level. The soft bevel of soft enamel coupled with a rich variety of shiny colors makes for a beautiful pin! However, this pin is a pain to photograph.

Rainbow metal-plated nudibranch mermaid enamel pin with dangle tail

Then again, “pain” might just be the wrong word. Rainbow metal pins are time-consuming to photograph, as each design forces you to pay more attention to your light sources. Under those circumstances, rainbow metal pins might just be educational to photograph rather than painful.

Rainbow metal-plated nudibranch mermaid enamel pin with dangle tail

This new touch of color in my shop fills me with joy! However, I do plan on revisiting this collecting very soon. You see, in the back of my mind brews the concept of a new set design series.

Why not take those photos now? Believe it or not, logic hides behind this nonsense. You see, my new collection of fantasy mermaid enamel pins finish up in production any day now, and I need them for the new photo series.

Upcoming Fantasy Mermaid Enamel Pins

Series 2: Reef City

Mermaids of the Earth Series 2 Reef City by Evy Benita
Reef City Series II by Evy Benita

I am so excited for my Reef City pin collection to arrive! That Blue-Ringed Octopus design screams for a reef-themed photoshoot, and the Blue Glaucus in the back is going to look gorgeous in a peaceful ocean scene.

Future Collections

I participate in Tom Bancroft’s “MerMay” challenge every year, which is when I design the majority of my fantasy mermaid enamel pins. My inventory contains many a design from 2019 and 2020, and I will, of course, participate in MerMay 2021 too. Want to follow along? Let’s connect on Instagram!

Gallery: All 20 Fantasy Mermaid Enamel Pins

I hope you enjoy the photos, and with this in mind, you can find my fantasy mermaid enamel pins in my Mermaids of the Earth shop section 🙂

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