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Sidekicks Club (Discontinued)

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Hi, friend, and welcome!

Sidekicks Club has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. If you’re interested in joining an EvyB Pin Club, check out my new tiers: Lotl Pin Club and LotlBox:

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Sidekicks Club will restart in 2022, but this time, we’ll be doing quarterly releases. Stay tuned for updates through the EvyB Newsletter!

If you were a Sidekicks Club member, you’ll find an overview of all the past Sidekicks Club themes on this page. If your subscription has not been cancelled, you can do so through the My Account Page > My Subscriptions.

Past Themes:

  • September: Sea Cows (shipping: end of September)
  • August: Tropical Toucans (delayed, shipping mid-September)
  • July: (paused)
  • June: South American Wild Cats
  • May: African Chameleons
  • April: Otters
  • March: Rays
  • February: Penguins