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Spot Noodibun Enamel Pin (Goniobranchus Leopardus)

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Meet Spot: a blue Noodibun with secret glow.

Hard Enamel • Gold Plating • 38mm



Spot is a Goniobranchus Leopardus sea slug. He’s made with gold plating and hard enamel.

Product Details:

  • Size: approx. 28mm (1.1 inch)
  • Presented on a cute matching backing card
  • Plating: Gold
  • Material: Hard Enamel
  • Back Posts: 2
  • Back Branding? Absolutely!

Noodibuns: a cute monthly UK enamel pin club by Evy Benita. Shipping worldwide.Noodibun is my own character series of extra-chonky sea slugs. Some characters are inspired by real nudibranchs, and some are imagined. All are happy to meet you. You can read more about my sea slug characters on their very own page: Noodibuns! You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Evy Benita, Noodibuns

Country of Origin

China (CN)


Hard enamel





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A kawaii nudibranch enamel pin by Evy Benita! The pin features Evy's Noodibun character, Spot, who is a dumpling-shaped Noodibun with leafy ears and leopard-like marks. His color palette is green and frosty, and he's got big open eyes.
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