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Sparkly Pastel Sea Turtle Enamel Pin


A cute little sea turtle enamel pin! This is a pastel edition restock of my original green sea turtle. The shell is filled with iridescent glitter.

Hard enamel | Gold plating | 1.1-inch | Iridescent glitter details

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A curious green sea turtle pin, made from hard enamel and presented in an adorable cartoon aesthetic. He’s so excited to meet you!

Green sea turtles are some of my favorite creatures on this planet, and I love featuring them in my pin designs. I equipped this particular kawaii sea turtle design with the powers to sprinkle happiness on someone’s day. The effect works in mysterious ways, but wear this little turtle pin around and you might just see it in action… 🙂

A smiling sea turtle pin is bound to make a wonderful gift for any sea turtle or ocean lovers out there! Sea turtles often visit coral reefs, so these pins are perfect additions to any reef-themed enamel pin collection.

Green Sea Turtle Enamel Pin Details:

  • KC gold plating
  • Hard enamel
  • Shell filled with iridescent glitter
  • Approx. 1.1 inches
  • Two back posts for added support
  • Round green rubber clutches

Green Sea Turtle Pins Travel Plastic-Free

My swimming green sea turtle pin comes delivered on a deep blue backing card made from strong, uncoated and responsibly sourced paper. It is then wrapped in eco-friendly glassine pockets. Glassine is made from wood-based pulp, so there’s no plastic involved. The material also has a gorgeous, semi-translucent aesthetic to it, which I think gives a wonderfully playful touch to these vibrant sea turtle lapel pins. In my honest opinion, plastic-free packaging is absolutely essential for sea creature pins (and all pins, hehe).

These enamel pins were inspired by green sea turtles, so it seems only fair that I should include a few fun facts on how wonderful these creatures are! Check the description below for cool green sea turtle fun facts ↓

Fun Facts About Green Sea Turtles


  1. The Earth has seven species of sea turtles, and the Green Sea Turtle is the second largest one. It is also the largest species of hard-shelled turtles.
  2. These animals live off of seagrass and algea, which is what causes the green color on their blubber and in return: earned them their Green Sea Turtle title.
  3. Green Sea Turtles have been around for 110 million years! This means they were alive at the same time as the T-Rex.
  4. A Green Sea Turtle can live for 60-70 years on average, and can only start to reproduce once it reaches half this age.
  5. Six out of seven sea turtle species, including our green buddy, will spend a large part of their lives voyaging through the world’s oceans. They can be found off the coast of nearly 150 countries, and some species will travel more than 1000 miles throughout their lifetime.

My green sea turtle enamel pins are meant as a tribute to these wonderful creatures, and it makes me eternally happy to see them voyage on to new forever homes.

About the Artist

My name is Evy Benita, and I am an enamel pin maker and illustrator with a passion for wildlife. I enjoy exploring habitats around the world and learning about the amazing creatures that inhabit them. And I love featuring these animals in my enamel pin designs! Especially lesser known animals who often don’t receive the attention they deserve, it feels really great being able to bring them into the spotlight. The world is full of extraordinary creatures, big and small, and I cannot wait to see what discoveries the future brings.
If you’d like to follow my design process, here are some places you can find me:
Instagram + Twitter: @evybenita

About the Collection

This pin was part of a larger lapel pin collection brought to life through Kickstarter in 2019-2020. The Kickstarter project was called Mermaids of the Earth, and feature mermaid enamel pins that are sea creature hybrids. It is the first instalment in my Mermaids of the Earth Universe. Want to be notified when I launch a new enamel pin crowdfunding project? Follow me on Kickstarter!

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All Sea Creatures, Coral Reef, Reptiles


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