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Red-Eyed Tree Frog Wooden Pin


Oh gosh, you’ve stumbled upon a little tree nymph! The Red-Eyed Tree frog is native to Neotropical rainforests, and its scientific name, Agalychnis callidryas, is derived from the Greek “beautiful” and “wood nymph”.

Wooden Pin • Sustainably Grown Birchwood • 25mm • Made in the UK

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This adorable frog pin is made from fast-growing birch trees, which has been responsibly sourced right here in Europe. The Red-Eyed Tree frog pin comes presented on a square lily pad backing card (the postal journey feels safer if she brings a bit of home with her).

Red-Eyed Tree frogs live close by rivers and ponds in humid lowlands and lush rainforests on the Atlantic slopes, ranging from southern Veracruz and northern Oaxaca to central Panama and northern Colombia.

Product details:

  • Size: 25mm / 1-inch
  • Material: Sustainably sourced European birch wood
  • Back posts: 1
  • Branded back: No
  • Clutch: Round rubber

What wood is it?

This pin is made with a lovely and light chunk of fast-growing European Birch. The wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe and cut and manufactured in the UK. By managing the forests responsibly, the manufacturer can ensure that new trees are planted for every tree that’s cut.

Additional information

Weight 0.008 kg

Wood (European Birch)

Customs name

Pin badge (birch wood)


Pin badge (birch wood)

Country of Origin

United Kingdom (UK)

Extended description

A decorative pin badge made with sustainably sourced European birch wood. Animal motif.


Evy Benita







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