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Rainforest Margay Enamel Pin


Meet the margay: a wild cat from the Amazon Rainforest! This pin is made with iridescent glitter enamel, translucent areas, and rainbow metal plating.

Rainbow Metal | Soft Glitter Enamel | Epoxy | 1.9-inch | Translucent Areas

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This enamel pin is part of my six-piece Midnight Rainforest collection, which was created through Patreon with the help of my Patrons. Thank you for making it possible!

Please note: This pin is made with anodised rainbow plating, and the plating color varies from pin to pin.

Product features:

  • Soft enamel w/ epoxy
  • Glitter + translucent effects in selected areas
  • Rainbow plating
  • Height: 1.9-inch
  • Back-stamped

Additional information

Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 3.5 × .8 cm

Epoxy, Glitter, Soft enamel, Translucent Enamel



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