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Fire & Ice Spotted Ratfish | Cosmic Sea Collection


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A vibrant set of two Spotted Ratfish enamel pins: one Fire Edition and one Ice Edition.

  • Standard/Jacket Grade
  • Choose between gold-plated “Fire” and silver-plated “Ice” palettes
  • Hard enamel
  • Size: 1 inch/25mm
  • 1 rubber back

Grades explained

  • Collector Grades are the best of the batch!
  • Jacket Grades have minor imperfections, but they’re very close to perfect.
  • Seconds Grades have mild to moderate imperfections but are still really nice pins.
  • Salvage Grades have severe defects or peculiar imperfections and are not offered through pre-orders.
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Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow

Type of Animal

All Sea Creatures






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