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Southern River Otter Sticker Album


A sticker book with an adorable otter cover!

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Keep your sticker collection safe and sound with my cute sticker books! These sticker books, also known as sticker collecting albums, are perfect for storing your stickers in one place. Each book is filled with 10 double-sided blank pages. These pages are made from a special material that allows you to attach and detach your stickers without ruining them.

These sticker albums are PERFECT for bringing your collection with you on the go, for example if you’re meeting up to trade with other collectors, or if you’re into travel journals. They’re also great for bringing along to conventions, both for collecting, and for showing off your own sticker product range.

About Sidekicks Club

In January 2021, I set out on a monthly pin club adventure to publish monthly sets of unique animal species. Each month has its own theme: in January, we featured penguins. In February; rays, and in March; otters. All themes are released the following month after being advertised.

In March a new tradition began, where we began releasing a carefully selected range of cute extras. This included stickers, sticker collecting albums, wooden pins, pin display banners, and now: potentially beanies.

Who’s “we”, you ask? Well, it’s me, my lovely team of creative supporters on Patreon, and starting in March 2021: a collective of magical Kickstarter backers!

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