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Mola Mola Collar Pin Set


An adorable enamel pin set featuring two Ocean Sunfish (or Mola Molas)! The two pins are connected by a detachable chain. The pins display relatively minor imperfections, but nothing major.

Please note: if you plan on wearing these, I recommend purchasing locking pin backs to keep them secure. I don’t sell these, but they’re widely available.

Rubber clutches | 1″ | Hard enamel | Gold plating

10 Available

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The cutest Mola Mola pin set! Hurray!

In your journey through blue waters, you’ve stumbled upon a pair of Ocean Sunfish. Wow!

This cute enamel pin set features two Mola Mola sunfish: one sleepy and one cheerfully awake. The pins are made with hard enamel and KC gold plating (for those extra sunny vibes, yay!).

Minor Imperfections

These pins display minor imperfections (hence the hefty discount). Most of these flaws are due to age and could potentially be polished away, while a minority of flaws will be within the enamel itself.

Collar chain included

Your new enamel pin set comes with a double-layer decorative chain. This chain is detachable, so you can wear your pins with or without it: your choice!

Important: these pins come with rubber clutches, which can fall off under pressure. So, if you plan on wearing these pins on your bag, backpack, jacket, or anything else with thick fabric, I strongly recommend you purchase locking pin backs. I don’t sell these, but here are some sellers I found:

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