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African Painted Dog Enamel Pin | March 2020 Limited Midnight Edition


A Limited Edition silver-plated manta ray pin in hard enamel. Available in two color palettes: “coral” and “seaweed”.

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“Wonderland” is a six-piece collection of endangered animals who might one day only be found in storybooks. The collection is being developed from February 2020 – July 2020, and these cuties are the stars of March.

Available in two color palettes:

  • Daylight, represented by breezy greens and daylight blues.
  • Midnight, represented by bold and playful colors.

Pin Specs:

  • 50mm / 2 inches
  • Hard enamel
  • Intricate screen-printed details
  • Limited Edition
  • Black nickel plating
  • Two black heart rubber backs
  • Backstamp
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Type of Animal

All Mammals, Endangered, Foxes & Wolves


Black Nickel


Gray, Lilac, Pink, White



Screen-printed details


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