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Lotl Pride Tote Bag (Reversible Design!)


A colorful rainbow tote bag from The Lotls! These bags have minor visual flaws but still look adorable.

Reversible design | Ca. 35cm tall excl. handle | Thick cotton canvas

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Show off your Pride in Lotl style with this adorable Lotl Pride tote bag! Made with a reversible design, these totes are perfect for multiple occasions and look books:

The outside of the Lotl Pride tote bag is decorated with colorful axolotls and rainbows (both the front and the back side). The interior is made with an iconic teal blue color: the back side is plain, and the front has a white embroidery “The Lotls” patch on it.

Due to how these tote bags are sewn, you’re able to twist your tote bag inside out and use the interior as the exterior! So it’s up to you to decide what works best with your outfit on the day: a playful rainbow Lotl look, or a minimalist teal blue?


These tote bags are reduced in price due to visual flaws. The most common flaws are:

  • Slightly wobbly seam
  • Ink mark on the fabric (kinda hard to see because of the rainbow pattern)

There might be other minor flaws too, but these are the main ones I’ve come across.

Kawaii Lotl Pride Tote Bag ~ Further Information:

  • Material: High quality cotton canvas
  • Strong and durable stitching
  • Embroidery “The Lotls” patch attached
  • Weight: Roughly 150 grams
  • Can handle a max weight of approx. 5 kg (that’s the official story. However, I’ve put mine through worse and it’s still going strong xD)

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg

Cotton Canvas



Evy Benita, The Lotls



Lotl Pride


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