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Lily of the Valley Moth Pin


A stunning moth enamel pin inspired by the Lily of the Valley flower.

Rainbow plating | Translucent wings | 45mm wide

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This whimsical enamel pin collection features moths and butterflies paired up with flowers of life and death. The “Lily of the Valley” Moth pin will be made with soft enamel, epoxy and rainbow metal plating. The wings will be made with translucent “stained glass” enamel, so that you can hold it up against the sun and let light flow through its wings.

The wings will also have screen-printed details and a layer of epoxy. The layer of epoxy creatures a flat surface for the screen print to lay on, and should simultaneously create some seriously stunning light-bouncing. The screen-print will create small and adorable shadows when the pin is held up against the light.

Details: “Lily of the Valley” Moth – Suncatching Enamel Pin

Size(width): Approximately 1.5″ / 38mm
Plating Style: Rainbow Metal
Back: Rubber Clutches
Additional Features:
  • Screen-print
  • Translucent wings

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Type of Animal





Rainbow Metal




Epoxy, Soft enamel, Translucent Enamel


Flower Hybrids


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