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Sweet Hawaiian Monk Seal Enamel Pin


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A beautiful enamel pin featuring the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal: the official state animal of Hawaii! The pin features a happy seal surrounded by a galaxy themed environment, completed with lovely pastel shades of hard enamel and sunny gold plating.

Product Details: Hawaiian Monk Seal Enamel Pin

  • Material: Hard enamel
  • Plating Style: Gold
  • Grade: Standard Grade
  • Size: approx. 1.5″/38mm
  • Two rubber backs for added support

About the Hawaiian Monk Seal

Thank you to Nicolas T Lopez for providing this beautiful photo!

The Hawaiian monk seal is the official state animal of Hawaii! Hawaiians refer to the seal as `Ilio holo I ka uaua, meaning “dog that runs in rough water.”

While most seals prefer colder climates, the monk seal enjoys tropical warm waters. It earned its name from the folds of skin that some have found to resemble a monk’s cowl. Monk seal pups are born black, and as they grow older their coat will shift into lighter shades of brown and gray.

About Galactic Reef: An Enamel Pin Collection

My Galactic Reef collection was funded through Kickstarter in March 2019. It featured eight galaxy-inspired sea creature enamel pin designs, each available in two color editions:

  • Anodised (rainbow) plating with soft enamel
  • Gold plating with hard enamel (as featured in this listing)

About the Artist

My name is Evy Benita, and I am an enamel pin maker and illustrator with a passion for wildlife. I enjoy exploring habitats around the world and learning about the amazing creatures that inhabit them. And I love featuring these animals in my enamel pin designs! Especially lesser known animals who often don’t receive the attention they deserve, it feels really great being able to bring them into the spotlight. The world is full of extraordinary creatures, big and small, and I cannot wait to see what discoveries the future brings.
If you’d like to follow my design process, here are some places you can find me:
Instagram + Twitter: @evybenita

Thank you for checking me out! Love, – Monk Seal <3

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Type of Animal

All Sea Creatures, Pinnipeds


Lilac, Pink, White






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