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Full Reef City Sidekicks Set


A set of eight enamel pins: each pin featuring reef creatures!

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This set includes eight enamel pins: one of each sidekick from my Reef City collection (six in total), plus one of each of the miniature coral and starfish pins! This set includes a mix of hard and soft enamel pins. For further details, please visit the individual listings of each pin.


Enamel pins included:

  • Swimming Blue Seadragon Sidekick
  • Sitting Blue Seadragon Sidekick
  • Emerald Elysia Sea Slug Sidekick
  • Elysia Kuroshimae Sea Slug Sidekick
  • Ribbon Eel Sidekick
  • Blue Ringed Octopus Sidekick
  • Miniature Coral
  • Miniature Starfish

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