FREE Koala Digital Wallpaper for Mobile


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A super cute downloadable wallpaper for mobile phones! 100% of profits from these will be donated to this week’s charity, available at my Fundraiser campaign page.

  • Personal Use License
  • PNG-file
  • 16:9 ratio

What does “Personal Use License” mean?

This product listing offers you a Personal Use License to the digital product advertised in this listing. This means that you’re free to download and print the digital product as many times as you’d like, but only for personal use. As an example, you can print it out as gifts for friends and family, or stock up on printouts for your own use.

Official Personal Use License Agreement:


The Personal Use License Agreement allows you unlimited personal use of your purchased file from The Personal Use License Agreements may vary per product, so please note that this license agreement only applies to the product in the listing it was downloaded from.


  • Unlimited downloads for your own personal use
  • Unlimited reproduction for your own personal use
  • Unlimited reproduction into physical gifts for friends and family


  • You may not resell the digital product
  • You may not use the digital product to create items for resale
  • You may not redistribute the digital file for free
  • You may not redistrubute the digital file for financial benefits
  • You may not redistrubute the digital file
  • You may not redistribute the digital file’s download link/file location


You may use the digital file to manufacture physical products IF at least 80% of the sales profits are donated to a charity and/or organization working to aid those affected by wildfires and/or habitat loss.*

*If you wish to reproduce the file into physical products for fundraising merchandise, please contact me by email at [email protected] at least 24 hours prior to launching your products.

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