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Elysia Crispata Birch Pin


A cute little pin featuring the “Sea Lettuce”!

Sustainably sourced birch | 25mm | One back post

25 Available



An adorable wooden pin pin featuring the “Lettuce” sea slug: more formally known as Elysia Crispata. This gorgeous creature is a green opisthobranch sea slug. It has similar features to nudibranch sea slugs and is part of the same Mollusca family. This sea sheep pin is printed onto eco-friendly wood and presented on a cute backing card.

All my wooden pins are created here in the UK and made with sustainably sourced European birch wood. By using responsibly harvested materials, we can enjoy collecting wooden pins and charms while staying eco-friendly at the same time.

Sea Slug Pin Details:

  • Height: 25mm / 1-inch
  • Made from responsibly sourced and fast-growing European birch wood
  • One back post with a black rubber clutch

Additional information

Weight 0.008 kg

Wood (European Birch)

Type of Animal

All Sea Creatures, Coral Reef





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