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Floral Butterfly Ray Enamel Pin | Earth Edition


A floral butterfly ray enamel pin with an earthy color palette ~

Hard enamel | Gold plating | 1.6-inch

19 Available

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A tranquil enamel pin featuring a Butterfly Ray in a classic monochrome color palette. The stingray enamel pin is made on a silver-plated metal base, and filled with hard enamel colors. Butterfly Rays form the family Gymnuridae, and are found in warm waters across the world.

Product Details:

  • Size: Created within a 1.5″ x 1.5″ (38mm) mold template.
  • Material: Hard enamel
  • Plating Style: Silver.
  • Clutch Style: Rubber.
  • Back Stamp: Yes.
  • Two back posts for extra support and balance.
  • This product includes one enamel pin.

About the Collection:

Creature Vault is a collaborative collection capturing multiple pockets of impressive creatures from the world’s oceans. Designed by artists Evy Benita and Georgina Swift, and brought to life by Kickstarter snd pre-order backers! My designs are available here at evybenita.com, and Georgina’s designs are available in her shop, Swifterly.

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