C Grade Mystery Bundles (5x Salvage Grade Enamel Pins)

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C Grade enamel pins, or Salvage Grades, are severely defected enamel pins, and are therefore sold at a highly reduced rate. These bags include FIVE pins that vary in design, style, size and finish. These bags are pre-packed, and do not include duplicates.

IMPORTANT: Please do review the product images before purchasing.

“C Grade” defects may include, but are not limited to:
♡ Large holes, scratches, cracks and other visible damages.
♡ Severe underfilling, overfilling or areas of missing filling.
♡ Tarnished plating.
♡ Loose pin posts on the back of the pins.
♡ Filled with the wrong color or of mismatched colors.

I ship every day Mondays-Fridays.
For international orders, I recommend choosing Tracked Shipping for extra security. I will not be able to resend lost packages (I wish I could!).

♡ Strong, recycled and fully recyclable cardboard mailers.
♡ Pins are protected by biodegradable pockets (cellophane or glassine).
♡ Plastic-free (excl. washi tapes).
♡ Recycled and fully recyclable + biodegradable (and super-strong) packaging tape with natural adhesives.

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