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A sweet bundle of enamel pins, stickers and colors!



Want this month’s Pin Club box, but not necessarily interested in becoming a Pin Club member? This product lets you order the Pin Club box of the month without starting a subscription.

What’s in the box?

The designs in your box will depend on the theme of the month, which you can check out on my Pin Club page. Past themes have been:

  • February 2019: Pangolin
  • March 2019: Axolotl
  • April 2019: Clouded Leopard
  • May 2019: Angora Rabbit
  • June 2019: Parakeet (ships on the first week of June)

A lineup of four images showcasing the monthly EvyB Pin Club bundles og enamel pins, stickers and art prints in soft pastel colors.

One Pin Tier Bundle

The One Pin Tier Bundle includes one luxury enamel pin, one EvyB sticker sheet, one glossy sticker, one holographic sticker, and one miniature art print. Your pin is available in two color palettes, which you can pick when you place your order.

Two Pin Tier Bundle

The Two Pin Tier Bundle includes two luxury enamel pins(one of each color palette), one EvyB sticker sheet, two glossy stickers, two holographic stickers, and one miniature art print.

One Pin No Bundle / Two Pins No Bundle

The One Pin No Bundle option gives you one luxury enamel pin. You may choose your color palette when placing the order. The Two Pins No Bundle option gives you two luxury enamel pins: one of each color palette.

Please note: when you select your products, the images are to illustrate the color palette only, and do not represent the actual products you’ll be receiving 🙂

Additional information


One Pin Bundle Box, One Pin No Bundle, Two Pin Bundle Box, Two Pin No Bundle

Color Palette

Hydrangea, One of Each, Tea Rose


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