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Blush Pink Dumbo Octopus Pin


A cute little jelly blob from the deep sea! Meet the Dumbo octopus.

Hard enamel | Rose gold plating | 1-inch

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Dumbo Octopus Enamel Pin

A super cute (and super flat!) sea flap enamel pin featuring a deep-sea species of umbrella octopus: Grimpoteuthis. Or, as it is informally known as: the Dumbo Octopus. The Dumbo Octopus earned its nickname from its resemblance to a flying elephant when swimming. Their cuteness is too hard to resist, and I am officially addicted to making dumbo octopus enamel pins.

This Dumbo Octopus pin is made from white and purple hard enamel, complimented by KC gold plating.

Product Details: Dumbo Octopus Enamel Pin

  • Rose gold plating
  • Hard enamel
  • Approx. 1 inch wide
  • Pink heart rubber clutch

About the Artist

My name is Evy Benita, and I am an enamel pin maker and illustrator with a passion for wildlife. I enjoy exploring habitats around the world and learning about the amazing creatures that inhabit them. And I love featuring these animals in my enamel pin designs! Especially lesser known animals who often don’t receive the attention they deserve, it feels really great being able to bring them into the spotlight. The world is full of extraordinary creatures, big and small, and I cannot wait to see what discoveries the future brings.
If you’d like to follow my design process, here are some places you can find me:

Instagram + Twitter: @evybenita
Website & Blog: www.evybenita.com

Additional information

Type of Animal

All Sea Creatures, Cephalopods, Deep-Sea








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A cute enamel pin depicting a pink umbrella octopus. The octopus is designed in a kawaii cartoon style, and has big, happy and closed eyes.
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