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Blue Sea Dragon Mermaid & Sidekicks Bundle

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A beautiful enamel pin bundle inspired by the Blue Seadragon sea slug!

Silver plating | Hard enamel | 2x 1-inch pins | 1x 2.5-inch pin

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An icy bundle of three enamel pins! This set includes one 2.5-inch Blue Glaucus Mermaid and two 1-inch Sidekicks.

The mermaid is a Limited Edition enamel pin featuring a hybrid of the mysterious Blue Glaucus “Sea Dragon”. This pin consists of icy shades of blue and white hard enamel, which is then complemented by shiny silver plating. The enamel pin body has a tail fin dangle charm attached to it. The body has two back posts for extra support, and the tail fin has none so that it can dangle freely.

About the Blue Glaucus

Unlike most nudibranchs who thrive on the seabed, the Blue Glaucus has an air bubble stored in its stomach which allows it to float. It floats upside down, taking advantage of countershading to camoflague from predators.

Mermaid Product Details:

Size 2.5″ / 63 mm (approximately)
Plating Style Silver
Rarity Limited Edition (100 pieces made + 3 samples)
Additional Features
  • Sequential numbering on the back.
  • Back Stamp Branding
  • Eco-Friendly Backing Card
  • 2x Back Posts on Body (Rubber Clutches)
  • No Back Post on Tail

Additional information

Weight 0.065 kg

Mermaids of the Earth, Reef City


Evy Benita, Mermaids of the Earth






Type of Animal

All Sea Creatures, Coral Reef, Fantasy, Nudibranch




Hard enamel


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