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A close-up of my 'Lily Pond' display banners. The banner shows an illustrated lily pond with bold shapes and bright colors. The art style is kawaii; quite cute and cartoony. Several enamel pins are displayed on the pin banner: a snake pin, a nudibranch pin, a wild cat pin, a platypus pin, a few salamander pins, a racoon, and more.

Lily Pond Pin Display Banners

Hello lovely!

Today I have some exciting photos to show you: my Lily Pond River banners are here!

These pin banners are made to match my River collection, which was funded on Kickstarter earlier this year. The collection features 18 freshwater wildlife enamel pins, which will look utterly adorable on this display banner!

In fact, some are already on there. Can you spot them?

Sadly, production didn’t go entirely as planned. As you can probably tell from the images, the bottom parts of the banners were cut quite badly:

The plus side of that, though, is that I will be selling them at a big discount. And Kickstarter backers have had the option of choosing between this original version and a freebie bundle, or this new version in A-Grade format:

Both will be available in my shop early next year. In the meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful rest of 2023!

Hugs, – Evy

Hi! My name is Evy Benita, and I’m an illustrator and enamel pin maker. I started my enamel pin adventure back in 2018, and since then, I have put over 500 pin designs through production

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