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Two coati enamel pins and two axolotl enamel pins

Pins for the Amazon Rainforest: they’re here!

In August 2019, the artist Onicakeco brought a group of enamel pin makers together to help fundraise and spread awareness of the forest fires raging through the Amazon Rainforest. I created four enamel pins for this project: two ring-tailed coatis and two axolotls.

The pins are here!

Big shoutout to everyone who preordered my Rainforest Charity enamel pins! Your brand new and shiny-shiny pins have now arrived, and I think they look absolutely beautiful.

Shipping Nov. 25th

All preorders of these pins will be shipping out to their new forever homes on Monday, November 25th. I hope you’ll like them as much as I do!


Together we helped raise a whole $636 from these preorders! This sum was donated to Amazon Watch on September 16th, 2019. Thank you forever so much for being part of making this happen.

Our next donation date is December 1st.

Love, – Evy <3

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