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Agari: an enamel pin collection by Evy Benita. This collection features a silky sifaka lemur enamel pin, a ring-tailed lemur enamel pin, a Limited Edition axolotl enamel pin (LE100), a chained mushroom octopus pin set, a mushroom Lotl enamel pin, and a mushroom sea slug pin.

Agari by Evy B

Pre-orders end in…

Welcome to Agari: my February design collection! You can pre-order individual items here, or alternatively, sign up for a subscription box on my Patreon ~


Dispatch, combined shipping and production updates

Most likely, yes.

I order in 100 of each design. All remaining items will be listed in my shop after Patreon boxes and pre-orders ship. I’m always open to restocking non-limited designs.

Please keep in mind that the pre-order discount is only available while pre-orders are live.

I do! When you place your first order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email. Reply to it with “COMBINED SHIPPING” and I will send you the secret combined shipping code <3

[last updated Feb 15th, 2024]

All products are in early stages of production.