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Welcome to my projects page! Here you’ll find information on what’s coming up, what’s in production, production timelines, and more.

Upcoming & Live

The Lotls Space Ranger

Get ready to save the Lotlverse!

Project Status: On Time

River Sprout

Explore a sweet and colorful biome of freshwater river species.

Project Status: On Time
Hank the Crab by Evy Benita

Hank on the Beach

Bring on the sass. Crabby things you never knew you needed.

Project Status: On Time
Lotlween 2022: a spoopy kawaii axolot collection from Evy Benita

Lotlween 2022

The Lotlgeists return, and this time, they bring friends…

Project Status: On Time

In Production

Confetti: an enamel pin design collection by Evy Benita


A celebration of wildlife and color! Lemurs, red pandas and precious amphibians.

Project Status: Ahead

Sidekicks Club II (2/6)

Yeti Crab + Tiger Quoll

Project Status: On Time
Mystery enamel pins from The Lotls

HatchaLotl Series II

17 collectible mystery pins from The Lotls! This new series is inspired by fruit flowers.

Project Status: On Time
Lottie's River Run: a kawaii gaming axolotl enamel pin collection by Evy Benita and The Lotls

Lottie's River Run

In celebration of the first-ever The Lotls video game: Lottie’s River Run!

Project Status: Delayed


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