Evy Benita

Welcome to my projects page! Here you can see what projects I have planned for 2023. I’m super excited and I hope you are too!

Make 100

In January I’ll be participating in Kickstarter’s Make 100 challenge!

Jan 3rd

Star & Moon

A cosmic collection featuring my axolotl characters, The Lotls.

Jan 17th

River Sprout II

Explore a sweet and colorful biome of freshwater river species.

Feb 14th


Celebrate the season of bloom with a brand new series of wildlife enamel pins.

Mar 21st

Cosmic Sea II

Join me on a magical dive through the world’s oceans.

May 2nd


This project has not yet been revealed.



This project has not yet been revealed.



This project has not yet been revealed.


Dates and themes might change if needed or highly requested. I design all my collections together with my Patrons, so if you’re interested in that, come join my Patreon! <3


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