Pin Club by EvyB

My logo reading "evybenita", backed by a 1x4 grid of photos of past pin club boxes.

Pin Clubs are so much fun! I mean, what better way to grow your collection than to receive a monthly box of themed enamel pins and goodies?

EvyB Pin Club: a unique enamel pin subscription box

EvyB Pin Club is a fun and colorful monthly subscription box, bringing pins, stickers and art goodies to your doorstep every month! But what makes my enamel pins unique?

Enamel Pins with Original Artwork

All my pins feature original art designed and developed by me. Through the Pin Club I also share the development process through sketches, color tests and other fun aspects of the visual development of enamel pins. – And my design process in general! 🙂

Pin Club design from February 2019: the Pangolin

Discover New Worlds and Species

The Earth is filled with wonderful and incredible animals, and I want to designs pins inspired by all of them. My enamel pins often feature niche animals you might not have heard of, such as my pangolin pin from February’s pin club box, or the tanuki from July’s art bundle:

July’s Pin Club animal of the month: the Tanuki!

Branding of Pins

Every enamel pin I design comes branded with my logo on the back. The only exception to this is my Winter collection from 2018, my first pin creations 🙂

World and Character Design through Pins

In EvyB Pin Club, we build art worlds. My pins for the club are developed in six-piece collections and manufactured in monthly intervals. As a member, you’re able to vote on which theme should become our next collection. This happens during the last month of a collection.

“Sleeping Beauties”: Pin Club Collection #1

Sleeping Beauties enamel pins: Tea Rose Edition

Sleeping Beauties is the first collection I’ve made through EvyB Pin Club. When July’s boxes ship out, this series will be complete, and we’ll begin building our next six-piece collection:

“Flow”: Pin Club Collection #2

Flow: aquatic animals at one with nature – an enamel pin collection

Flow is an enamel pin collection of sea creatures at one with nature. Or rather, aquatic and semi-aquatic animals 🙂 Whereas Sleeping Beauties came in the color palettes of Hydrangea and Tea Rose, Flow will feature two new palettes:

  • Seaweed: greens and blues
  • Coral: pins and, well, corals

What’s included?

Enamel pins, stickers and mini linen art prints

As a Patron and subscriber, you’ll receive one sugary sweet pastel hard enamel pin every month of your membership, as well as an exclusive freebie sticker to match your pin.

Every month will introduce a new pin in two available color palettes. You can choose your favorite, or let me surprise you! Want both? You can always opt-in for the double trouble Twin Pin tier, or add an additional pin to your monthly pin mail through the Rainbow Club exclusive Addon Shop (see below).

Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy 15% off in my shop

Once you sign up to be a Patron, you’ll receive full access to the exclusive Member’s Shop here at! The Rainbow Club Addon Shop gives you:

  • 15% off in my Etsy shop (excluding preorders)
  • 15% off + free shipping in the Pin Club Member’s Shop

Design Reveals & Timeline

Will I know what my pin looks like?

EvyB Pin Club is not a mystery pin club, or at least not 100%. Patreon charges your card on the 1st of every month, and I want you to have the option to see your pin before this happens. The monthly design will be revealed on the 3rd of every month.

What about the rest?

Your stickers, sticker sheets and art prints will be revealed to you throughout the month, and before you’re charged 🙂

When do I get my reward?

Your Patron rewards will ship out on between the 4th-7th of every month, a week or less after your card has been charged.

Prices: How much does the subscription cost?

Considering joining my Pin Club? You’ve got a nice and easy selection of tiers to choose from:

  • One Pin Tiers: $15 per month including shipping (+$3 Patreon fees)
  • Two Pin Tiers: $21 per month including shipping (+$3 Patreon fees)

If you’re in the UK, the rewards are $13.50 for a One Pin tier and $19 for a Two Pin tier. In addition, whether you’re UK based or not, you can select a “B Grade” tier to receive the same rewards at discounted prices.

B Grade pins have small imperfections but are still beautiful pins. Please check out “How I Grade My Pins” for more information on my grading system.

Big hugs, – Evy 🙂 <3