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Pin Club by EvyB

My logo reading "evybenita", backed by a 1x4 grid of photos of past pin club boxes.

Pin Clubs are so much fun! I mean, what better way to grow your collection than to receive a monthly box of themed enamel pins and goodies?

EvyB Pin Club: a unique enamel pin subscription box

EvyB Pin Club is a wildlife-themed monthly subscription box, bringing pins, stickers and art goodies to your doorstep every month! But what makes my enamel pins unique?

Original Artwork

All my pins feature original art designed and developed by me. Through the Pin Club I also share the development process through sketches, color tests and other fun aspects of the visual development of my designs.

Pin Club design from February 2019: the Pangolin

Discover New Worlds and Species

The Earth is filled with wonderful and incredible animals, and I want to designs pins inspired by all of them. My enamel pins often feature niche animals you might not have heard of, such as my pangolin pin from February’s pin club box, or the tanuki from July’s art bundle:

July’s Pin Club animal of the month: the Tanuki!

What’s included?

Enamel pins, stickers, and mini linen art prints

As a Patron and subscriber, you’ll receive:

  • 1-4 enamel pins, depending on your chosen tier
  • Stickers to match your pins
  • A sticker sheet matching the theme of the month
  • A linen art print featuring the animal of the month!

Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy 15% off in my shop

Once you sign up to be a Patron, you’ll receive 15% off in both my Etsy and my shop here at evybenita.com! The discount applies to everything except for preorders and shipping fees (Pin Club members have access to free combined shipping through my website shop).

Big hugs, – Evy 🙂 <3