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I run three monthly pin club series here on Evy B: The Lotls, Sidekicks Club II, and Noodibuns:

Fill your days with chonky sea slugs and happy vibes.

Explore unique wildlife kawaii style.

Discover adorable worlds with Lottie, Luna and Leo.


Not sure which one to pick? Check out my pin club blog below! Here you’ll find design reveals, production updates, packing videos and more. This blog starts in July 2022.

New The Lotls Design Reveal! • August 2022

Strawberry Jam August’s Lotl pin club rewards feature Lottie the Lotl in a jar of Strawberry jam: her favorite! Lottie’s…

Mahogany Sugar Glider Enamel Pin Design by Evy Benita

New Land Path Design Reveal! • August 2022

The Mahogany Sugar Glider August’s Land Path design highlights a beautiful species of the Queensland tree tops: the Mahogany Sugar…

New Sea Path Design Reveal! • August 2022

The Deep-Sea Anglerfish August’s Sea Path design celebrates a deep-sea giant who gets a very unfair reputation. Let’s change that!…

New Noodibun Design Reveal! • August 2022

Meet Cloud August’s Noodibun pin reveal is here, and its name is Cloud! Cloud enjoys plane spotting. Noodibuns Pin Club…

A cute enamel pin illustrated in a "kawaii" cartoon aesthetic. The pin shows Luna the Lotl, my melanoid axolotl character, Luna the Lotl, sitting on a Moon. Luna is looking excitedly up at the sky. The crescent moon she sits on is extra chunky, and is asleep. It is decorated with floral details. Three little cosmic clouds decorate the moon. The clouds have tiny shimmer symbols in them. The clouds and Luna's antennas are filled with iridescent glitter.

New The Lotls Design Reveal! • July 2022

To the Moon! In July’s pin club theme, Luna the Lotl takes us to the moon! Luna’s enamel pin is…

A cute enamel pin design illustrated in a kawaii cartoon aesthetic. The pin depicts a Pygmy Sloth hanging onto a yellow branch. The sloth is decorated with stylized forget-me-not flowers.

New Land Path Design Reveal! • July 2022

The Pygmy Sloth July’s Land Path design highlights a critically endangered sloth species: the Pygmy Sloth, or Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth.…

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