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Pin Club Secret Shop

Hi friend! You’ve reached my Pin Club Exclusive Shop. But if you’re seeing this page, it means one of the following:

  1. You’re a member of my Patreon Pin Club, or the Sidekicks Club, but you’re not currently signed in on this site (you can sign in here)
  2. You’re neither a Patreon supporter nor a pin club member. You can become a Patreon supporter by clicking here, or you can instead join the pin club on this site by checking out the membership plans below
  3. Or you’re already a Patreon supporter, but your Membership Access on this site has not yet been activated. You can activate it by checking out the free Patreon Membership upgrade, by clicking here. Once processed, you will be able to access the secret shop. Alternatively, simply pop me a message on Patreon and let me know which email or name you used to register with. I can then activate your access 🙂

Member’s Access

If you’re a Patreon supporter or a Sidekicks Club member, then you’re entitled to a Pin Club Member’s account on my website. Yay!

Not a Patreon?

If you’d like to become a Patron of mine, you can join my Evy Benita Patreon page here. I also run a monthly enamel pin club through Patreon, which gives you monthly limited edition pin mail. Woohoo!

Want to join the Sidekicks Club?

You can join the Sidekicks Club and get access to the Pin Club too. Check out the pricing options below

One Enamel Pin
12.00 per month
  • Monthly Goodies:
    1 Enamel Pin
    1 Collectible Trading Card
    15% Store discount
    Free Shipping

Two Enamel Pins
21.00 per month
  • Monthly Goodies:
    2 Enamel Pins
    2 Collectible Trading Cards
    15% Store discount
    Free Shipping

Three Enamel Pins
28.00 per month
  • Monthly Goodies:
    3 Enamel Pins
    3 Collectible Trading Cards
    15% Store discount
    Free Shipping

Four Enamel Pins
36.00 per month
  • Monthly Goodies:
    4 Enamel Pins
    4 Collectible Trading Cards
    15% Store discount
    Free Shipping

Big Hugs,

Evy 🙂