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Floral Fish Enamel Pin by Evy Benita

Photo Day! * New Flower Fish Pins *

Hi, friend! Today I had a chance to take some photos of my new Flower Fish enamel pin series. This design collection features goldfish matches up with different flower species, resulting in nine unique hybrid flower fish pin designs!

The goal of the day was to nail down a style for the fish line’s product photos. And, since you’re here, I’m gonna show you how it went:

Floral Fish Enamel Pin by Evy Benita

For the first photo, I used my trusted embroidery hoop and combined it with a lovely textured linen fabric. Seashells were added for an added aquatic aesthetic. I’m not sure if shellfish and goldfish ever encounter one another, but then again, I’m also not sure if any goldfish and snowflake flowers have ever had a baby. So there’s that…

Floral Fish Enamel Pin by Evy Benita

For my second test I let the fish keep its seashells, but I swapped the linen fabric for an oceany felt.

Floral Fish Enamel Pin by Evy Benita

And for my third and final test of the day, I dug up a bag of modeling sand (which is just overpriced sand), and poured it into an open tree bauble.

Which style is your favorite?

To complete this in-depth summary of my enamel pin photography adventure, please enjoy this random picture that appeared on my memory card:

A random view of my workspace: a white ceramic pumpkin, some teal minky fabric, Lotl washi tape in the background, a cactuc pen holder... Shall I go on? The ears of my cat-shaped pin clutch remover tool, enamel pin backing cards lined up neatly in the background, and finally: a blurred view of the outside world.

It features my workspace. I must have pressed the shutter by accident as I was switching the thing off. I hope you like it.

Lots of love from me to you! – Evy

Hi! My name is Evy Benita, and I’m an illustrator and enamel pin maker. I started my enamel pin adventure back in 2018, and since then, I have put over 500 pin designs through production

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