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Patreon Secret Shop

Hi friend! You’ve reached my Patreon Exclusive Shop, but if you’re seeing this page, it means one of the following:

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  2. You’re not a Patron of mine
  3. You are a Patron of mine, but your Member’s Access has not yet been activated.

Member’s Access

If you’re a Patron of mine, you’re entitled to a Patreon Member’s account on my website. Yay!

Your Patreon Member’s Access has to be activated manually by me. To have your account activated, simply pop me a message on Patreon and let me know which email or name you used to register with. I can then activated your access 🙂

Not a Patron?

If you’d like to become a Patron of mine, you can join my Evy Benita Patreon page here. I also run a monthly enamel pin club through Patreon, which gives you monthly limited edition pin mail. Woohoo!

Big hugs,

– Evy ♡