Evy Benita

New Sea Path Design Reveal! • August 2022

The Deep-Sea Anglerfish

August’s Sea Path design celebrates a deep-sea giant who gets a very unfair reputation. Let’s change that! I mean, look how friendly:

The Deep-Sea Anglerfish is a beautiful species from the ocean’s depths:

Cosmic Pocket Pet

Sidekick Club II pins are made in sets of six, and released in monthly instalments. The Deep-Sea Anglerfish is enamel is the sixth and final pin in my current set, Cosmic Pocket Pet. In September, we’ll be starting a brand new one!

To receive your Deep-Sea Anglerfish, simply subscribe to Sidekicks Club and choose the Sea Path anytime between August 1st-August 31st. Your first box will ship in 1-3 days and contain June’s design, the Giant Oarfish, and your next one will contain the Giant Isopod. Then, you’ll receive the Deep-Sea Anglerfish.

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