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2019 Makeover: Brand New Look!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my new site! One of my goals for 2019 was to give my website a complete makeover in the beginning of the new year. What do you know, it’s done!

Focus on Current Projects

For this new website I’ve made sure to focus on the projects I’m actually still working on. This means a lot of my previous concept art and game demos have been removed from the site.

Art Journey Series

Some of you might remember by game demo from 2017, Sprinkle Palooza. This will have a big feature in my Art Journey series later this year.

Throughout the year, I will be publishing a small series of “Art Journey” posts. These will showcase my journey from hobbyist to professional, and highlight projects, life events and art pieces that have brought me and my style to where we are today.


A beluga whale and a couple of bluefin tunas, casually catching up in a deep blue underwater forest.

There’s a new Illustration page featuring a few of my latest illustration collections, including books that I’ve illustrated.

Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins featuring winter animals in snowy landscapes. An arctic fox, a red fox, a horned owl a lynx, a snow mink and a snow badger.
Winter: Tranquil Forest Animals Hard Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins is a huge part of my new business. Actually, it’s the biggest part. I’m just starting out, and I’d love to share the journey with you! On my Enamel Pins page you’ll get an overview of my current enamel pin collections, as well as upcoming ones! 🙂

Rainbow Club: an Enamel Pin Club on Patreon

Shows my pangolin enamel pins and cloud backing cards available from Rainbow Club: my hard enamel pin and sticker subscription club. Also shows the VIP membership cards.
Rainbow Club: a monthly enamel pin subscription.

My monthly enamel pin club is LIVE on Patreon, and might just be my favorite project ever! Prepare for a year of sugar-sweet animal pins in pastelly rainbow colors!

What else?

I’ve got some very exciting projects coming up in 2019, and I hope you’ll want to tag along for the journey! Sign up to my newsletter for project launches, news, freebie downloads and more! <3


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