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Mahogany Sugar Glider Enamel Pin Design by Evy Benita

New Land Path Design Reveal! • August 2022

The Mahogany Sugar Glider

August’s Land Path design highlights a beautiful species of the Queensland tree tops: the Mahogany Sugar Glider.

For each pin sold, I’m donating to plant one mangrove tree through One Tree Planted’s Mangrove Trees project.

The Mahogany Glider is only found in a small area of coastal Queensland in Australia.


Wildflower: a Land Path Series

Sidekick pins are released in six-piece sets, with one pin released per month per set.

The Mahogany Sugar Glider is the sixth and final pin in my Wildflower series:

To receive your Sugar Glider pin, simply subscribe to Sidekicks Club and pick the Land Path anytime between August 1st-August 31st. Your first box will ship in 1-3 days and contain May’s design, the Pink Fairy Armadillo, and will continue down the list.

Previous designs are released ca. one month after rewards ship. Learn more here, or subscribe here.

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Hi! My name is Evy Benita, and I’m an illustrator and enamel pin maker. I started my enamel pin adventure back in 2018, and since then, I have put over 500 pin designs through production

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