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Biome: a wildlife enamel pin Kickstarter by Evy Benita. The collection features kawaii pins of geckos, sharks, snow leopards, sand cats, sea otters, tapirs, and more!

My new enamel pin Kickstarter is live!

Hi friend!

This week I launched a whole new collection of wildlife enamel pins: Biome. This collection has 14 new Sidekicks from my Sidekicks of the Earth universe, plus two new pin sets and the very first four pins of my new XL Translucent pin series.

I hope you like it!

Hi! My name is Evy Benita, and I’m an illustrator and enamel pin maker. I started my enamel pin adventure back in 2018, and since then, I have put over 500 pin designs through production

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