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Mermaid Mold Photos | Mermaids of the Earth Enamel Pins

In July 2019, I launched my “Mermaids of the Earth” enamel pin collection on Kickstarter. Thanks to the help of 586 Kickstarter backers, we funded an epic mountain of 18 mermaid dangle-pins and 55 1″ enamel pin sidekicks!

Enamel Pin Molds

Before enamel pins can head into production, molds have to be made for them. I received photos of some of the mermaid-molds today, and I’m so excited to share them with you!

Mermaid Molds: Deep-Sea Anglerfish, Flower Hat Jellyfish, Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, and Sea Anemone.
Mermaid Molds: Weedy Seadragon, Narwhal and Sea Turtle.

Progress Report:

  • Mermaids: in production and on schedule!
  • Sidekicks: in production and on schedule!
  • Stickers and washi: arrived today!

Best wishes, – Evy <3

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