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Looking for The Lotls?

The Lotls: a kawaii indie games company by Evy Benita and Alan Thorn

The Lotls have moved!

The Lotls have set off on their own adventure. Visit their now home at Lotl.io:

Why the move?

As my range of The Lotls products began increasing in popularity, I noticed that my shop was getting cluttered.

So, to keep things nice and tidy(or, tidier…), I decided it was time for my Lotls to get their very own storefront. Especially with all the new The Lotls plushies and console accessories coming in.

Who runs it?

I do! All Lotl products are kept by me in my little studio, and I pack every box myself.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me here:

Instagram @EvyBenita | Twitter @EvyBenita | Instagram @TheLotls