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Evy’s Limited Edition Enamel Pins: The (Nearly) Completed Guide

Last Edited: April 6th, 2020.

Hi friends, and thank you for visiting my website! This page intends to give a full overview of my Limited Edition enamel pins:

  • How many were made
  • How many color variations have been made

Please note that this document is still under development. The “Sleeping Beauties Collection” is not yet fully documented, and “Secrets of the Muck” has yet to be added.

Eventually I would like to also introduce a tally of how many pins are in circulation, and how many are still available to purchase.

What’s “Limited Edition”?

When a pin is tagged with “Limited Edition”, it means that this pin will never be remade in that color palette. Any potential future color palette of that pin will be distinctively different, to the level where the two palettes could not be confused with one another.

Limited Edition Collections

The following collections contain Limited Edition items:

Sleeping BeautiesAll 
WinterAll StickersAll Pins
Galactic Reef All
Arctic Nova All
Once Upon a Woodland All
Mermaids of the EarthAll Mermaids
All Washi Tapes
All Stickers
All Sidekicks
Cosmic SeaAll Original EditionsTropical Edition
Deep-Sea Edition
Icy Edition
All Sidekicks
Pins for Australia All
Pins for the Rainforest All
Pins Against Poaching All
Secrets of the MuckAll Mermaids 
Rainbow ClubAll 
My charity pins are generally non-limited, as the goal of these is to raise donations.

Sleeping Beauties Collection

My Sleeping Beauties collection was created through my Patreon Pin Club, with the help of Patrons across six months of monthly releases.

Sleepy Pangolin100100
Sleepy Axolotl150150
Sleepy Clouded Leopard180150
Sleepy Angora Bunny150150
Sleepy Parakeet150150
Sleepy Tanuki200150
Please note that these numbers are over-estimates, as I’m currently looking for the exact numbers for the last five designs in the Sleeping Beauty collection. I do know that I didn’t order more than the numbers stated, but the numbers might have been lower.

Mermaids of the Earth Collection

All my mermaid pins are Limited Editions. You can find all the ones available listed in my Mermaids of the Earth shop category, or check out the individual links below:

White Albino Axolotl203
Melanoid Axolotl158
Golden Axolotl50
Hammerhead Shark120
Flower Hat Jellyfish100
Deep-Sea Anglerfish140
Sea Anemone & Clownfish110
Rosy Harlequin Shrimp50
Icy Harlequin Shrimp50
Peacock Mantis Shrimp120
Icy Weedy Seadragon (link coming)60
Rosy Weedy Seadragon (link coming)60
Blue Shell Manta Ray556
Pink Shell Manta Ray177
Icy Narwhal100
Rosy Narwhal60
Classic Narwhal100
Sea Apple100
Green Sea Turtle70
Hawksbill Sea Turtle55
Nudibranch: Flabellina Affinis130
(November release) Nudibranch: Glitter Flabellina Affinis51
Chromodoris Willani Nudibranch80
Orange Rainbow Jorunna Nudibranch80
Red Rainbow Jorunna Mermaid80
Red Nebrotha Kubaryana Nudibranch Mermaid80
This list is missing the designs from Secrets of the Muck and MOTE Part 2: Reef City. New designs will be introduced when announced.

Flow Collection

All my Patreon collections are Limited Edition. “Flow” was our second Patreon collection, featuring tranquil aquatic and semi-aquatic animals in flow with nature.

Sea Otter320120
Sea Turtle180160
Manta Ray190190
Hourglass Dolphin170140
Whale Shark180140
Speckled Axolotl190190
This list is complete and accurate.


Cosmic Sea Collection: Original Edition Palette

From my Cosmic Sea collection, only the Original Edition is limited. This was by far the most popular edition, so if you’ve been considering picking some up I would recommend having a look at which of these are running low in stock.

Whale Shark Yin Yang170
Yeti Crab120
Great White Shark & Star Dangle80
Megalodon Shark120
African Penguin50
Hammerhead Reef100
Deep-Sea Anglerfish50
Weedy Seadragon40
Manatee Mother & Child50
Leopard Sharks100
Pyjama Shark130
Dangle-Tail Blobfish50
Dangle-Tail Stingray50
Rainbow Blanket Octopus50
Wobbegong Shark40
Man O War 9-Piece Dangle100
In general I try to order in 25-50% more than what I’ve got pre-orders for. This is to account for B Grade pins, as well as to have a bit of leftover stock.

Wonderland Collection

Wonderland is the third collection created through Patreon, and is currently (as I’m writing this) ongoing. Two out of six designs have been revealed, with four more to come.

Bengal Tiger250130
African Painted Dog250200
Design #3170130
Design #4170120
Design #5TBCTBC
Design #6TBCTBC
Quantities of these designs might change if high levels of defects occur and remakes are issued. In these cases, the defected pins will still count towards the total sum.