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“The Lotls” Kickstarter Catch-Up Survey

Welcome to The Lotls reward survey. The deadline to hand in the original Kickstarter reward survey has now expired. The catch-up form below will allow you to choose from the designs that are still available.

Surveys handed in late will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. If something you’ve selected is no longer available, I will reach out to you through Kickstarter 🙂

Delivery Information

Who and where should I sent your rewards to?

Please use the email address associated with your Kickstarter account (so that we can connect your survey to your pledge).


This section includes sticker sheets, sticker packs and single stickers.

Enamel Pins & Earrings, "Seconds Grade"

Enamel Pins & Earrings, "Standard Grade"

To qualify for a freebie pin you must have pledged for any two (or more) of the following: One-piece pins, two-piece pins, board filler sets, or pairs of earrings.



£ 0.00
If your total sum due for add-ons is £0, you do not need to select anything here. You also do not need to fill in any payment information 🙂