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Junkyard Jukebox Ltd – a UK Creatives Company

Hi friend! I see you found our company! Junkyard Jukebox LTD is a UK-based creatives company run by illustrator Evy Benita and indie games guru Alan Thorn.

A few years ago we decided to bundle our small businesses together, and this became the beginning of Junkyard Jukebox. On this page, we introduce you to our independent businesses!

Junkyard Jukebox LTD is a creatives company run by enamel pin maker Evy Benita and indie-games guru Alan Thorn.

Small businesses bundled together under Junkyard Jukebox Ltd

Junkyard Jukebox LTD is our legal entity, which is required for filing taxes, keeping track of sales tax, records, and all of those entertaining things. The name represents a Limited company which is located in the UK.

Because we help out with each other’s businesses, we decided to bundle them together under one legal company: Junkyard Jukebox LTD.

Explore the list below to learn more about our individual businesses!

Evy Benita

The brand “Evy Benita” publishes wildlife-themed enamel pins, accessories and stationery items. All our available products hang out here in our shop at evybenita.com.


BeIndie.biz introduces an exciting new indie games tutorial platform! The platform specializes in open-source (free) software available to all. Our first courses currently sit in development, and our indie games learning portal goes live as soon as our courses become ready to face the world!

The Lotls Games Company

The Lotls Games Company is an up-and-coming, fun-filled indie games company dedicated to our axolotl character universe, The Lotls. Products lay in wait over at The Lotls shop section here at evybenita.com.

Three colorful axolotl enamel pins illustrated in a cartoony "chibi" style. These characters are part of Evy Benita's character franchise: The Lotls. Each pin is decorated with organic floral elements, and comes with color matched rubber heard backers. These pins are coated with epoxy, which means the raised outlines have been covered by a flat overarching layer.

Why “Junkyard Jukebox”?

It began with a rather peculiar nighttime dream from me, Evy, where I took over a supermarket back in my hometown. I bought the building because it had a cool dome-shaped entrance, like a jukebox.

I felt super excited about running my own supermarket, but when groceries began to arrive, I realised I had forgotten to order in all the shelves, freezers, and fridges that are needed to keep food… Well, edible.

Enter chaos. To try and build myself some shelves, I shuffled all the groceries together into piles, and the food, naturally, started to rot and smell. As a result, people nicknamed my shop the “Junkyard Jukebox”.

This was right around the time when Alan and I had started talking about bundling our businesses together. I happened to mention the dream, and he found the name funny. We figured it can’t get worse than that, so we decided to take the name and give it a chance in the real world. And that is how Junkyard Jukebox came to be!

Icy blue harlequin shrimp mermaid species enamel pin by Evy Benita
Icy Harlequin Shrimp Mermaid

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