Illustration by EvyB

A Beluga Whale! I painted this piece during Folktale Week 2018. Day 3: Forest.

I’m an artist who loves to experiment with color palettes, themes and shapes. My illustration style can be identified by playful settings, swirly patterns and surreal settings inspired by animals and wildlife.

Luminous Worlds | 2018-2019

Luminous Worlds is an experimental collection of playful illustrations I created to practice painting with fluorescent color palettes. Most of these works are inspired by underwater worlds and outer space.

Majestic Winter | 2018

While working on Majestic Winter, I was heavily inspired by the serenity of winter landscapes and the animals who live within them. Most of the works in this collection focused on tranquil and silent backgrounds, populated by the vibrancy of life within them, often represented by warm hues of orange and browns.

The Marzipan Rose | 2018

The Marzipan Rose is an illustrated children’s book based on an original fairy tale by Ragnhild Kvinlaug. It tells the story of a marzipan rose who dared to dream of a life as a real rose in the garden.

The Marzipan Rose is heavily inspired by Norwegian “rosemaling”, or rose painting. I wanted the style to be playful and full of color in order to communicate the magical vibes of the fairy tale, while also sparking creativity in the book’s readers.

Life on Earth with MoonBugs | 2018

MoonBugs is a character universe I’ve created, filled with bug-type aliens living on the Moon.

Life on Earth with MoonBugs is the first coloring book in the MoonBugs series and is available in three cover editions featuring your favorite MoonBugs: the Loomi Edition, the Bungle Edition and the Riggle Edition. All three of these are available to purchase in my shop 🙂