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Floral Australian Wildlife Enamel Pins with a Purpose

Let’s make some pins and plant some trees! My name is Evy, and with the help of Patrons and Instagram followers, I have designed a set of 10 brand new Australian wildlife enamel pins. And now, I would love to make them into real pins!

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The Pins

Each pre-order pin sold plants one tree, which you can find more information on further down on this page 🙂

Extras – Available at Special Campaign Prices

All non-seconds pins listed on this campaign page will plant one tree. Seconds pins will not plant trees, but profits will help cover production costs. This makes a tremendously positive difference for me when running charity projects like these, and makes tree donations from pre-order pins more viable.

Project Timeline & Delivery

All the products for this project will be manufactured within the UK, which helps keep our timeline significantly shorter than usual:

Jan 12th – Feb 5th:Project runs. I prepare artwork files.
Feb 5th: We head into production!
April 20th:Production should take roughly 70 days including shipping, so I expect to receive all our items around April 20th at the latest.
April:Quality assurance by me
May:I pack your boxes!
May 25th:All rewards should ship by this date.

The timeline is subject to change if anything comes up. The production window does have a wiggle room included to allow for delays, so we should be covered for minor delays 🙂

Let’s Plant Trees!

One Pin Sold = One Tree Planted

For each enamel pin purchased throughout this campaign, I will be planting one tree through one of my absolute favorite charities: One Tree Planted.

This wonderful organization plants native tree species across the world. Tree money raised from this campaign will go directly to their work in Australia and New Zealand, in an effort to rebuild habitats destroyed by wildfires.

🌱 Trees Planted: 084 🌱

The counter above is updated manually by me, and I will be popping by several times per day to adjust it. Our final donation will be made after February 12th, once the campaign is completed and our order placed.

Want to check out more of my charity collections? Or maybe you’d like to see where the donations are sent? You’ll find a full overview of this over at my Donations Made page, available here or through the Main Menu (under About).

Charity Enamel Pins

Previous Australian Wildlife Enamel Pins

Evy Benita's nine-piece set of Australian wildlife enamel pins from 2020

I began my Australian wildlife enamel pins series back at the start of 2020, during the #MakersforAustralia and #MakersForAUS initiatives on Instagram. Most of my 2020 charity pins are available in my shop, and can be found here:

Thank you so much for visiting my Australian Wildlife Enamel Pins project! I hope you like the designs and the initiative <3